Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville is widely recognized for its exceptional attorneys who are dedicated to providing superior legal services to the Firm's clients. We represent high net worth individuals, families, and businesses, both locally and nationally, providing personal service and finding innovative solutions to their legal issues.

We place a high priority on fostering a collegial work environment, where our lawyers view their fellow attorneys as both colleagues and friends. We believe this type of environment is essential to sustaining satisfaction in a demanding profession. This is a defining feature of Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville and has been a hallmark of the Firm since its founding. It is our goal to foster a law firm where each attorney is encouraged to grow and develop in ways that enhance the life and vitality of the Firm, the excellence of our work product, and the services delivered to our clients.

Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville is an equal opportunity employer. As such, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.

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How does the Firm's compensation and benefit package for associates compare to other Oklahoma firms?
The Firm is committed to providing the best compensation and benefits package of any major Oklahoma law firm.
How and when will an associate's practice areas in the Firm be determined?

The Firm has a broad number of practice areas. Some of these practice areas are closely related, so that an attorney may from time to time work in different but related practice areas.

We want all of our lawyers to be well rounded in their knowledge and understanding of the law. Therefore, regardless of what practice areas an attorney may ultimately choose, we think all lawyers are well served to have some exposure to most all of our practice areas. For example, even a lawyer who concentrates almost solely in the area of estate planning should have some knowledge of and experience in the area of litigation, so that the estate planning lawyer can properly identify issues involving litigation that may come up in the course of that lawyer's estate planning practice. Thus, our younger lawyers are generally encouraged to participate in a broad range of the Firm's practice areas.

However, because our Firm's practice typically involves more complex projects requiring significant knowledge and experience, we encourage all of our lawyers to ultimately settle on one or more related practice areas in which they can become highly proficient.

Some associates who join the Firm have already decided upon the practice area or areas in which they want to engage. Typically, this subject will have been discussed in detail between the Firm and that incoming associate.

In other cases, an associate may not be sure about what areas in which that associate wants to practice. In those instances, the Firm will make an effort to involve the associate in different practice areas to help the associate and the Firm decide where the associate has the best aptitude and interest.

Sometimes, an associate may start out in one practice area, but after several years, the associate may want to cross over into other practice areas. The Firm has always been accommodating to such a change.

The Firm will work with an associate to permit the associate to be engaged in the practice areas in which the associate is most interested and proficient. The Firm would never ask an associate to stay in a practice area in which that associate did not want to participate. An associate's compensation is not determined by that associate's practice area.

What kind of work are associates given when they begin?

The kind of work that an associate is given depends somewhat upon the associate's practice areas. However, it can generally be said that regardless of an associate's practice areas, an associate will be given as much responsibility and substantive legal work as that associate demonstrates that he or she is capable of handling. Typically, an associate will be given projects that may even seem beyond the capability of the associate, with the expectation that the associate will work together with and receive coaching from the associate's more senior Firm members who are ultimately responsible for the project. We make certain that all of our associates are given the opportunity to have significant client contact. As and when the associate demonstrates a comfort level and ability to communicate effectively with clients, then the associate will be given further client responsibility.

Is there a billable hour requirement for associates?

The Firm has no written or stated billable hour requirement for either associates or partners. That being said, however, our attorneys, both associates and partners, are typically high achievers, and the project load of the Firm is growing. For an associate, however, the number of hours billed is only one component in determining an associate's overall contribution to the Firm.

Alternatively, however, the Firm believes that each associate as well as each partner is truly a professional and thus should decide for himself or herself what the appropriate number of billable hours should be.

What is the partnership track at Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville?

The Firm has the hope and expectation that each associate whom we hire will ultimately become a partner in the Firm. Our commitment is that the associate will become a partner in the Firm when that associate demonstrates the level of accomplishment, legal skills, practice skills, and personal skills necessary to be admitted into the partnership.

We do not view the transition from associate status to partner status as a giant leap. Instead, it is an evolving process by which the associate over a period of time acquires and develops those skills necessary so that at some point in time the associate has reached a level where partnership status is appropriate.

The determination of when or whether an associate becomes a partner is solely dependent upon that associate's performance. The Firm does not consider other factors, which other firms may consider, such as the associate to partner ratio, the profitability of the Firm generally, or the associate's practice area.

Does the Firm hire laterally?

It is the desire of the Firm to grow organically through the employment of beginning associates, and especially beginning associates who have previously clerked with the Firm. However, because we want to hire the best associates available, and further, because the Firm is in a growth mode and needs more associates, the Firm will look to hire associates who have previous experience with other law firms. In the recent past, we have hired associates with some experience with national law firms but who have had some previous contact with or roots in Oklahoma.

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