The Firm is continually engaged in a variety of complex and challenging civil litigation matters. Our litigation group handles cases for ongoing firm clients and is also engaged frequently by persons who have not previously been Firm clients but who have chosen our litigation group because of its experience and expertise. A significant number of the Firm's litigation clients are regional or national companies who have their principal places of business outside of Oklahoma. Over the past several years, typical Firm litigation cases have included matters of antitrust law, class action suits, securities litigation, shareholders' derivative actions, environmental litigation, defense of corporate officers and directors, oil and gas litigation, defense of large insurance companies, defense of public accounting firms, defense of employers in employment litigation, defense of hospitals positions and other health care professionals, contract disputes, and selected tort litigation. The litigation group also carries on an administrative litigation practice before federal, state, and local agencies and licensing boards.


White Collar Criminal Defense

The Firm is engaged in a substantial white collar criminal practice, mostly in federal courts across the nation. This practice involves the investigation and Grand Jury stages of a matter as well as the trial and the appellate stages. Principal disciplines of this practice includes antitrust, bank fraud, medicare-medicaid fraud, tax fraud, wire and mail fraud, RICO, and securities fraud.

Class Action Litigation

The Firm is engaged in numerous class action lawsuits involving a wide variety of disciplines including securities, environmental, toxic-tort, and banking. The Firm is the only Oklahoma law firm involved in the Enron class action case still pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, representing Canadian Imperial Bank of Toronto, Canada. Other notable clients in class action matters have included PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deutche Bank and U.S. Bank.

Environmental Litigation

The Firm has been engaged in various environmental litigation matters in federal and state courts, most often involving the oil and gas industry and toxic-tort matters. Representative clients have been Oklahoma Bank, The GHK Company, and General Electric.

Commercial and Business Litigation

The Firm has a substantial commercial and business litigation practice in federal and state courts in Oklahoma and across the nation in matters involving contracts, partnerships, insurance, corporation, banking and business torts. Representative clients have included Mercedes-Benz USA, Allstate Life Insurance Company, Stifel Nicolaus & Company, KPMG, and Bronco Drilling Company.

Federal/State Securities Litigation

The Firm is engaged in numerous federal and state court securities litigation matters representing accountants, lawyers, financial institutions, and investors.

Antitrust Litigation

The Firm has a substantial practice in various areas of antitrust law, most notably involving the Sherman Act and the Robinson-Patman Act was well as state law claims of antitrust violations. Representative clients include Ryerson, Inc., the third largest distributors of aluminum in the United States and Mathis Brothers, a long time Oklahoma furniture retailer.


The Firm represents companies such as Allstate Life Insurance Company in defense of life and health insurance and bad faith claims.

Personal Injury/Professional Malpractice Defense

Members of the Firm also represent companies in the defense of personal injury and professional malpractice claims. Representative clients include Mercy Health Center and Great Plains Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

Employment Claims

The Firm also has substantial expertise in the defense of employment related claims. Representative clients include Mobile Mini, Inc., Mathis Brothers, Inc., Oklahoma City University, and Globe Life & Accident Insurance Company.